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Coming Soon!

Stay tuned as we will soon introduce Apex Kitchens, Planters, and Fire tables for sale online.

Explore Pacific Outdoor Kitchens' premium offerings with our Apex and Uptown lines.
Presently, our entry-level Uptown Stainless Steel Kitchens, available in two configurations, await your order. Uptown line provides hassle-free, ready-to-use DIY outdoor kitchen units. You can directly purchase Uptown for a convenient DIY experience.
The Apex collection, tailored to perfection, necessitates the expertise of professional contractors for countertop, appliance installation, plumbing, and electrical connections. For this, we are building a network of installers and contractors to give you a single point of contact for your outdoor kitchen.

Also, for customized planters and fire tables, which require personalization, please connect with us, ensuring you receive the best-in-class options.
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